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Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet (FRFC) – ZYF Series

Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet (FRFC) – ZYF Series

  • MODEL: H*W*D mm
  • 864*551*824、1231*551*824
  • 1598*551*824、864*551*824
  • 1231*551*824、1598*551*824
  • Description:Bank, Security, Insurance, Government, Army, IT, Archiving, R&D, Foreign Enterprise Computer, Finance, Archive, Technical and Administration depart in large scale domestic companies.
Product Detail Features: 1. ZOYET fire resistant filing cabinet (FRFC) conforms to CE, JIS etc. international standard and approved accordingly. 2. ZOYET fire resistant filing cabinet (FRFC) could be added with Combination Lock or Digital lock based on standard configuration (Key Lock) and make it better protected from theft. 1) Surface painting processed by electro static plastic spraying. 2) Cabinet adopts drawers structure, convenient design for human operation in storage process 3) Surface was painted with light grey . Special color can be customized as per customer’s requirement. 4) Independent locking device: each drawer has independent locking device (standard fire resistant Key Lock), managing each drawer separately. 5) Each drawer has automatic locking mechanism: following a gentle push-in after each open-close operation, the drawer could snap in spontaneously, keeping tightly clutched. * Interlocking device is arranged between every drawers: the user does not necessarily use independent locking in each drawer once interlocking device applied which makes overall drawers locked by one single lock. The interlocking device is set normally at factory.The interlocking device is set at the outside of each drawer’s right board. * The cabinet is made up of premium galvanized steel sheet from Bao Steel, with body sheet thickness over 1mm, base thickness over 1.5mm.
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