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Magnetic Proof Data Cabinet – ZYL Series

Magnetic Proof Data Cabinet – ZYL Series

  • MODEL: H*W*D mm
  • 500*525*465、1100*525*480
  • 1300*525*480、1500*525*480
  • 1520*700*500、1800*700*500
  • Description:Government, Finance, Securities, Insurance, Army, Court, Procuratorate, Tax, Public Security, Confidentiality, IT, Measuring and Mapping, Pharmacy, Scientific research, Archives, Meeting center as wel
Product Detail Features: 01. Overall shock resistant structure 02. Flush installed door hinge (ZYL60 120 150 180) 03. Surface installed door hinge (ZYL280 320) 04. Magnetic proof processing (approved with 7,000 gauss testing report) 05. User friendly design with good aesthetic acceptance 06. Dual humid proof processing 07. Dust-proof static-proof processing 08. Partition board is necessary inside of drawer. If same medium was stored it is easy to get out partition board to store them directly. 09. Standard cabinet door has one Key Lock, and customer could choose Combination Lock or Digital lock. 10. Shanghai Bao Steel premium galvanized sheet steel was used for cabinet construction. Cabinet body wall thickness is over 1.0mm, base thickness over 1.5mm. 11. Drawer slides were approved by SGS.  
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