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New Product–Multi function small safety cabinet

Multi function small safety cabinet

  • Features:
  1. Safety cabinets are constructed of double-wall, welded steel with 38 mm of insulating air space for fire resistance.
  2. Built-in three-point stainless steel bullet latching lock, double lock management, explosion-proof and rust proof.
  3. Equipped with adjustable galvanized shelf and drawer ,with strong loading capacity and it’s suitable for various of use place.
  4. The spill sump is higher than 50mm,which would stop the spilling of leaked liquids, they are complied with OSHA.
  5. Dual Ventilation holes with flame arrestors set on both side of cabinet, which decrease the concentration of internal volatile substance efficiently.
  6. Durable lead-free epoxy powder-coat finish for decreasing the influence of corrosion and environment .
  7. 1.5mm galvanized hinge provides capability to hold the door , 180℃opening freely .
  • Dimension :
Model Volume Gallon/L External size (H*W*D )mm Internal size (H*W*D )mm Size of drawer (H*W*D )mm Adjustabe shelf pcs Shelves capacity Drawers capacity
ZYC0055 8/30 750*750*500 645.5*670*418 150*644*389 1 50 50


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